Building on a lifetime of corporate work, Betty (Elizabeth) N.  Lumu established the Betty Lumu Foundation on the belief that every person deserves a good life, and when we take the move to help others fulfil their aspirations, and create their own better reality, we can improve lives and consequently promote human dignity and a good life.

To promote the well-being of people by inspiring and empowering them to change their world, the Foundation seeks to promote good living, giving people hope for a better future.

Our Programs

To fulfil this mission, the Betty Lumu Foundation works directly or with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that promote education and social welfare and create economic opportunity.

Within the three programmatic areas, our activities include:

  • promoting education by supporting creativity, and vocational education tailored to the needs of the individuals and communities and promoting excellence.
  • promoting social welfare by helping individuals and families in need with healthcare assistance and empowerment; supporting poverty relieving activities and initiatives; assisting communal initiatives to enhance welfare and social wellbeing; and other programs geared to assisting the poor and vulnerable in society.
  • creating economic opportunity, we help small producers, especially women, and other entrepreneurs build businesses that transform their communities, create quality jobs, and increase productivity, market opportunities, and incomes.

The Foundation also runs a knowledge centre for knowledge sharing activities and workshops.

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