Promote Education

We promote education by supporting creativity, and vocational education tailored to the needs of the individuals and communities and promoting excellence.

Promote Social Welfare

We promote social welfare by helping individuals and families in need with healthcare assistance and empowerment; supporting poverty relieving activities and initiatives; assisting communal initiatives to enhance welfare and social wellbeing; and other programs geared to assisting the poor and vulnerable in society.

Create Economic Opportunity

To create economic opportunities, we help small producers, especially women, and other entrepreneurs build businesses that transform their communities, create quality jobs, and increase productivity, market opportunities, and incomes.

Our Projects

Support for Adolescent Mothers

Betty Lumu Foundation launched the Support for Adolescent Mothers (SAM) project. It is an initiative to promote social welfare. The SAM project supports young mothers after they have gone through the process of pregnancy.

The Foundation collaborated with Wakisa Ministries, a Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Uganda to follow up on the girls who left the Centre and are back into their communities.
This outreach activity not only enabled the Foundation to give assistance to the girls but also to get an insight of how these girls fair after leaving the Wakisa Ministries Centre, and the challenges they face.

The young mothers face physical, emotional, and social problems after childbirth, such as complications related to childbirth, lack of education, and stigmatisation in their communities. Most of adolescent mothers are not in a good socio-economic condition so transition to motherhood becomes problematic for them.

At the Centre, the girls are trained in tailoring, candle making, cookery, crafts, and agriculture to equip them with the necessary skills so that they can work and sustain themselves and their children after leaving the Centre. Our objective is to support the girls to use the skills they acquired to earn a living and become sustainably self-sufficient. We visited a few girls and here are their stories.

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